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Systems Technician

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Work Location: NORTH AMERICA - Southfield, MI (Detroit)

Job Requisition: 1356

Description: Performs broad hardware, software and systems technician functions in support of functional organizations (e.g., engineering , manufacturing). Reconfigures hardware and firmware; installs systems software; runs diagnostics and does systems troubleshooting; maintains inventory systems. May work with Engineers, Technicians and/or Assemblers/Operators to support their objectives or accomplish their tasks.

The duties will include, but are not limited to, management of systems in the SIS lab, changing OS levels, changing driver levels, adding new equipment when needed, working in the lab area
to keep it presentable to any customers that may be given a tour, working to track which projects are using which computers to be able to switch users and systems as needed for new or sustaining projects, supporting SIS engineers by allowing lab peripherals to be connected to systems on an as-needed basis, conducting field service testing to identify problem areas for returned parts, and helping with Order Adminstration in shipping/tracking products to customer sites.

Essential Job Functions:
-- Knowledge of engineering concepts.
-- Knowledge of laboratory rules and awareness of Electro Static Discharge principles.
-- Ability to manage computer systems and load new operating systems as needed by SIS engineering.
-- Provide support to SIS engineers by making equipment available to laboratory systems by moving or connecting needed peripherals.
-- Ability to test returned equipment and identify problem areas for Field Service.
-- Ability to work with SIS Order Management to ship and track shipped items to customer sites in a timely fashion.

Education: Requires an AS degree or equivalent and a minimum of two years experience. Applications knowledge of test equipment, standard electronic tools and diagnostic software.

To expedite the processing of your resume, please reference 1SQWEB:ENG on your cover letter or in the subject line of your e-mail.

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