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C-Byte is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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C-Byte is committed to providing its employees with resources they need to succeed, both in and out of the workplace. Through comprehensive health care coverage, financial planning options, work and life programs, and a myriad of other programs, we offer our employees choices for their future and assist them in taking advantage of the most that life has to offer.

Our outstanding benefits package is a valuable portion of your total compensation at C-Byte. We've worked hard to create a package that meets the growing and changing needs of you and your family. With over 70 benefit programs and services, our benefits are among the most comprehensive in the industry.

These pages provide a general overview of our benefit programs in the U.S.—benefit programs at other locations will vary as they are tailored to meet the needs of our international employees.

Health Care

Medical Plans
Employees can choose between two medical plan options. Both provide comprehensive coverage for in-network and out-of-network health care services. A richer level of benefits is available at a higher employee contribution rate. No pre-existing condition limitations.

C-Byte pays the majority of cost for employee and dependent coverage.

Dental Plans
Employees can choose between two dental plan options. No pre-existing condition limitations except for orthodontia. C-Byte pays the majority of cost for employee and dependent coverage.

Vision Care Plan
C-Byte pays the entire cost of vision care for employees and their families.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account
The Health Care Flexible Spending Account provides an opportunity for employees to pay for unreimbursed health care expenses on a pre-tax basis up to an annual maximum of $4,000.

Employee Assistance Program
Through this program, employee's and their eligible dependents may receive confidential, professional assessment, and referral services for mental health, chemical dependency, family, and general living problems. Master's level counselors are available 24-hours a day. No time for in-person office visits? With our Immediate Access Program, you can discuss your issues and develop a course of action via telephone.

Disability Plans
C-Byte provides income replacement for short-term disabilities (up to 90 days per 12-month period), and pays the entire cost of a long-term disability plan for employees. Employees may also purchase an enhanced disability plan through the company on a voluntary basis.

Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
C-Byte pays the entire cost of a group life and AD&D insurance plan for benefits, with coverage equal to two times eligible annual earnings. The company also pays the entire cost of business travel AD&D insurance. In addition, employees may purchase voluntary life and AD&D insurance, as well as dependent life coverage for spouse and/or children.

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Savings & Investments

If you can't sleep at night because of market ups and downs, you'll love our Internet web site that offers 24-hour access to your account and account-transaction capabilities. Whether you want to reallocate your portfolio among our 11diversified investment funds, check your account balance, or model/request a loan, you can rely upon our on-line system.

Need help developing a savings and investment strategy? C-Byte knows that a sound financial strategy is paramount to peace of mind. That's why C-Byte offers employees and their family members a variety of financial planning and investor education programs and resources.

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C-Byte University
At C-Byte, our business success relies on the knowledge and skills of our people. Education is a competitive edge and an investment in our future success. C-Byte University's mission is to link C-Byte individuals and teams with the best learning opportunities, tools and experiences that provide proven actions and results.

Our internal department of training specialists provide a wide range of offerings which promote management, individual excellence and improve organizational capability.

Tuition Reimbursement
As a C-Byte employee, you are encouraged to create and complete a professional development plan on an annual basis. C-Byte University provides the vehicle to achieve your plan by providing financial assistance for work-related courses and/or degrees. A program or course of study (must be pre-approved) is work-related if it is judged by management to be consistent with C-Byte's business needs and education priorities. Tuition reimbursement covers 100% of eligible costs, up to $5,000 per year, and includes tuition, required texts and certain fees.

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Special Services

Discount Programs
At C-Byte you'll get discounts on a variety of services, recreational and entertainment attractions.

Programs include cell phones, health and fitness membership, discounts on child care, financial services, software and hardware, real estate and mortgage, financing program, PC training, and more. There's even a membership savings program for your pets.

Lactation Stations
Lactation Stations have been provided for new mothers throughout the development centers.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long term care insurance is available at group rates to employees, their spouses, parents and grandparents.

Modem - At Home
Employees are eligible to receive a high speed modem for home use.

On Site Convenience Services
Employees located at headquarters can take advantage of on-site convenience services such as a Cafeteria, ATM, Photo Processing, Sundries Shop, and Dry-cleaning pick-up and delivery.

Personal Property Insurance
This program provides employees the opportunity to purchase auto, boat and homeowners insurance at group discount rates.

Take Home Meal Service
Take Home Meal Service provides a convenient way for employees located at headquarters to order from a daily menu for take-home dinners.

Travel Desk
C-Byte has contracted the services of two travel agencies to provide leisure travel service to employees and families. The service is all inclusive (transportation, accommodations, trip packages, auto rental, etc.) for any destination world-wide.

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Time Off

Vacation Time
Exempt employees do not formally accrue vacation time, but receive three weeks per year of vacation, provided the entire year is worked. After ten years of service, this increases to four weeks, provided the entire year is worked. Non-exempt employees accrue vacation to a maximum of two weeks vacation each calendar year. After ten years of employment, non-exempt employees accrue up to a maximum of three weeks vacation each calendar year.

C-Byte provides a fully paid, 4-week sabbatical after each six years of continuous service. Employees may convert up to 10 vacation days to cash in order to help fund their sabbatical plans.

C-Byte observes ten paid holidays each calendar year, including floating holidays.

Phaseback Program
A mother, who is a regular full-time employee before taking parental leave, may choose to return to work after parental leave on a part-time basis for a period not to exceed one month. The employee will return to full benefits at this time, but will be paid on a pro-rata basis for the temporary period of part-time work.

Community Service
To encourage employees to be active partners and good citizens in the communities in which they live, C-Byte provides each full-time employee with 8 hours of paid leave per year to volunteer for activities that benefits his/her community.

Sick Time
Exempt employees receive salary continuation in the event of personal illness. C-Byte provides a sick leave accrual program to non-exempt employees; employees may convert a portion of unused sick leave to cash or additional vacation. Both salaried and exempt employees may use sick leave to care for an ill child.

Bereavement Leave
Up to three days of bereavement leave is provided for deaths in the employee's immediate family.

C-Byte's Work/Life Programs are designed to help employees balance personal commitments and job responsiblities. Learn more by reviewing our programs.

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