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C-Byte is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.



Like many companies, C-Byte utilizes an automated applicant system which allows us to efficiently route resumes. We prefer to receive resumes electronically as we are able to process them more quickly and accurately. Resumes may also be submitted via the postal service. Please review the information below before submitting your resume.

Electronic Submission

Hard-copy Submission

Once your resume has been received by C-Byte, you will be sent an acknowledgment via online, e-mail or mail depending on how your resume was submitted. If an e-mail address is not noted on your cover letter and/or resume, an acknowledgment will be sent via mail. You will be considered for the specific positions(s) that you applied for as well as all appropriate positions as they open for one year. You will be contacted if there is an appropriate opening matching your skills. You do not need to submit another resume for one year unless your work history, phone number or address changes.

What Happens Next?
C-Byte uses an automated applicant system which creates a computerized applicant pool that is continually matched against available jobs. Our Human Resources professionals regularly search this database to identify qualified candidates for open positions. Searches are done by keywords and phrases that describe the skills and education required for each opportunity.

How Does It Work?
Your resume is scanned into the computer from which the OCR (optical character recognition) software creates a file. Next, the artificial intelligence “reads” the file and extracts information about you (i.e., skills, education, etc.) which is stored and used to match your qualifications against openings. When you prepare a resume for the computer to read, you want it to be “scannable.” This means you should consider both format and content to ease the processing of your application for employment.

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