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Professional Services Infrastructure Workshop

What will data centers look like at the turn of the next century? How will data center applications be developed? What sort of infrastructure will companies use to connect those applications? What technologies will be available to mange the data center environment? These are some of the pressing questions you're likely to face in today's complex and competitive business environment. Your ability to answer these questions is critical, because the investments you make in technology and people during the next several years will lay the foundation for your company's IT future.                                                             - Adobe Acrobat .pdf (23k)

Table of Contents
  • Customer Benefits
  • Key Deliverables
  • A Comprehensive Approach
  • Next Steps
  • Workshop Registration Form
  • C-Byte Professional Services Data Center Infrastructure Workshop helps secure your company's IT future by leveraging our unrivaled expertise in high-end, data center-ready solutions. This timely offering presents key data center trends and technologies and provides a forum for discussing them in the context of your business requirements, empowering you to make investment decisions that prepare your company for the future.

    Customer Benefits
    Technology continues to change at a pace that is far too fast for any IT organization to comprehend on its own. And, in light of the sheer explosion in technology options, shrewd investment decisions are extremely difficult to make today.

    C-Byte's Data Center Infrastructure Workshop clears a path through these challenges, offering you the following strategic benefits:

  • A coherent view of what the data center will look like in several years
  • An informed discussion on the key technologies that make up the new data center
  • A workshop-oriented approach that allows major data center trends to be discussed in the context of your company's business goals, IT objectives and constraints
  • An ideal, context-setting "kickoff" for your company's IT planning process
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    Key Deliverables
    In addition to the strategic benefits outlined above, our Data Center Infrastructure Workshop provides the following key deliverables:

  • Knowledge. We present you with clear, consise information about the technologies and other factors that you need to consider in your data center planning process.

  • Workshop materials.We provide you with hard copies of all workshop materials, including an IT relevancy matrix, which provides a consise view of the data center trends and technologies important to your business and an assessment of your readiness in each area.
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    A Comprehensive Approach
    Our Data Center Infrastructure Workshop takes a thorough and comprehensive approach to helping you with effective data center planning. Typically, the workshop takes one day, with C-Byte spending time before and after the workshop to prepare findings and recommendations. The activities we perform during the workshop may vary slightly from one customer to another because they are tuned to your particular requirements. Essentially, however, the workshop covers the following six areas:

  • Changing Business Model for IT. Our opening presentation sets the context for the rest of the workshop. This presentation focuses on the migration of information technology from the "back office" to the "front office" - and today to what we call the "middle office". The presentation culminates in a group exercise that determines how accurately your company has predicted and adapted to past changes. The exercise also highlights any existing technologies that your company can't take advantage of.

  • The Middle Office. Next we explore the concept of the middle office in greater detail. We focus particular attention on the various permutations of the "thin applications" model and the types of infrastructure that will connect them.

  • Application Development Environments. Here, we examine the tools and techniques that will be used to develop applications in the middle office. We explore the relevancy of each development environment to your company, as well as any barriers to implementation.

  • Application Infrastructure. We more next to the tools and techniques that will be used to connect applications in the middle office. We examine the relevancy of each application infrastructure to your company, as well as any obstacles to implementation.

  • Management of the New Data Center. In this segment of the workshop, we explore ways to manage the technologies discussed earlier. The key question addressed in this discussion is: Will the management tools vendor finally catch up, or will the gap between application development technology and application management technology continue to widen? If the gap does widen, how will your company cope?

  • Transition to the New Data Center: The Process. Following logically from our exploration of new data center technologies, the workshop wraps up with a discussion of technologies that can ease the transition process.
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    Next Steps
    We invite you to contact your C-Byte representative for more information on how the Data Center Infrastructure Workshop can help you successfully prepare your data center for the future. Fill out our registration form.

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