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What is the ESC?

The ESC is a new customer and partner environment that provides you with:

* A "competency" center
* A "solutions" center
* A "partner" center

What can the ESC do for my business?

The ESC provides the following business benefits to our customers:

* Allows you to witness
C-Byte's data center solutions in action
* Completes C-Byte's data center story from our product/platform level to our complete DataCenter solution program
* Adds a new dimension to the current Customer Visit process, providing a "proving" center of
C-Byte's capabilities and solutions

The Enterprise Solutions Center will provide you with a world-class environment to demonstrate C-Byte's data center solutions expertise.

C-Byte Solutions Overview

C-Byte is the leader in Intel-based data center solutions. See this leadership in action in our Enterprise Solutions Center. Located in our world headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, this state-of-the-art facility features an integrated Data Center Lab environment combined with our Solutions Theatre to give you a real-world look into a complete data center solution.

Our Data Center Lab features C-Byte's computing solutions running a variety of enterprise applications, including decision support solutions, enterprise resource planning, electronic commerce. And because C-Byte understands that management is a key component of a successful data center, our lab also demonstrates real-world systems management practices and applications in action. In the ESC customers will see C-Byte solutions for challenges the enterprise faces every day: performance, reliability, scalability and availability. The ESC data center is a competency center, a proofing center, and a partner center.

The C-Byte ESC data center features products and solutions from the industry's best in class:

* BMC Software
* Business Objects
* Cisco Systems
* Computer Associates
* Datametrics Systems Corporation
* EMC Corporation
* Exide Electronics
* Intel Corporation
* Micron
* Microsoft
* Oracle
* Peoplesoft
* Storage Technology Corporation
* Tivoli
* Red Hat
* Ensim
* Plesk
* cPanel

And many others.

C-Byte's mission is to be the leader in Intel-based Data Center Solutions. Our new Enterprise Solutions Center is another milestone in demonstrating our data center leadership. C-Byte is the Customer Success Company and our new ESC allows us to continue to build relationships with our customers and partners and drill down on any specific issues or opportunities they may have.

Virtual Enterprise Solutions Technology (VEST) provides C-Byte the ability to leverage its state-of-the-art Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC) demo facility from remote geographic locations. Based upon a thin-client architecture, this capability will allow C-Byte to demonstrate its robust solutions running "live" in the ESC, from Tradeshow and Sales Office environments.

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