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About the Demonstrations

C-Byte's Enterprise Solutions Center (ESC) provides real world proofing and characterization of large-scale multi-vendor business solutions running on C-Byte Series Data Center environments. These include e-commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Management in a Data Center Environment, Customer Relationship Management, System Software Partitioning, etc.

Read more about the demonstrations currently running in the ESC below:

SAP Scalability Demonstration in a Data Center Environment
For organizations deploying SAP R/3 business applications across the enterprise, C-Byte's mixed mode Data Center architecture is the key to this flexibility. C-Byte's SAP Showcase demonstration features C-Byte's Data Center with Windows and Unix on one system environment, enabling IT organizations to flexibly deploy R/3 applications on either operating system as the business requires. This heterogeneous environment ensures R/3 system scalability with the lowest cost of ownership. In addition, this SAP application accesses data from an Oracle databases, demonstrating a real-world working environment.

System Management/Data Center/SAN Integration
C-Byte maintains industry leadership in the area of Storage Area Network integration. This knowledge and product history when integrated into the mixed mode (UNIX and Windows) environment of the Data Center platform provides unsurpassed flexibility and management capabilities in the area of storage solutions. In a heterogeneous environment, the ability to have "well-managed" nodes is a pre-requisite to a successful total enterprise administration. C-Byte demonstrates flexibility along with investment protection in its ability to solidly integrate its own management platform administration offerings with other third party point solutions. In this demonstration the customer will see C-Byte's ability to monitor the health and performance for an entire Data Center environment - for the processor activity to devices within the storage solution on the other end of the SAN and everything in between. Additionally, we'll discuss how the entire computing complex can be managed with a suite of Systems Management solutions and how C-Byte has provided a unique infrastructure necessary for the total management of the enterprise.

Decision Advantage Relationship Management
As part of the Decision Advantage program, C-Byte has partnered with leading suppliers of relationship marketing software. This demo features a real-life insurance scenario to show how relationship management products can be used by an organization to recognize, analyze and respond to a change in sales of a particular product. The demo includes a mix of business discussion, plus the opportunity to drill down into a technology behind each activity in relationship marketing.

Siebel 5000 User Call Center
With Data Center, C-Byte offers one of the most performant platforms for running large call centers with Siebel products. This demo highlights the scalability of Siebel on Data Center and C-Byte's support for Siebel deployments - a performance assurance and Siebel Competency Center. The demo shows the results of a recent 5,000-user call center benchmark and allows customers to see C-Byte's impressive performance statistics under an increasing workload. The demo highlights some of the monitoring capabilities that are available with Siebel solutions on a Data Center platform.

Decision Support Scalability
  - On Hold Pending Sharp Implementation

C-Byte and its partners build and deploy very complex, critical and large data warehouse solutions. Our Decision Support System scalability demo demonstrates the flexibility of supporting an increasingly large number of users generating complex DSS activity. C-Byte systems, together with 10 TB of central storage disk, provide the foundation for a large-scale data warehousing application utilizing Oracle.

Oracle CRM
C-Byte offers one of the most performant platforms for running large call centers using Oracle CRM products. This demo highlights the scalability of Oracle CRM on C-Byte's Data Center deployments - a performance assurance and Oracle Applications Competency Center. The demo shows the results of a recent 1250 call center-sizing activity and allows customers to see C-Byte's impressive performance statistics under an increasing workload with the application layer running on Windows and the database backend running on UNIX. The demo highlights some the monitoring capabilities that are available with CRM solutions on C-Byte's Data Center platform.

PeopleSoft Scalability
The C-Byte PeopleSoft Scalability demonstration designed to provide customers with an assurance that implementing PeopleSoft Financial applications on C-Byte platforms is the right thing to do. C-Byte has gone to great lengths to understand how to implement PeopleSoft Financials, and we can show you credible evidence of this via our 1000 user PeopleSoft Scalability demo. The demonstration is designed to provide an example of how 1000 simulated PeopleSoft Financials users run on a Highly Available, Scalable C-Byte architecture, utilizing C-Byte's product line and services along with PeopleSoft Financials Applications Software.

Application Region Manager
The ability to dynamic partition a server is fundamental to providing the manageability required by today's data centers. It is also a key capability required for IT managers to make optimal use of their resources and therefore be able to justify expenditures for new systems. Application Region Manager is a key component used in the C-Byte strategy to provide the greatest degree of flexibility and control to data center managers in terms of managing their servers workloads and maximizing resource utilization to meet their ever changing business requirement. The demo highlights the ease and flexibility of using application regions.

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