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In addition to our robust systems and architecture, C-Byte offers tested and proven solutions that combine C-Byte systems, partner products, professional services, and implementation expertise. These solutions deliver customer success through project design, implementation, and continued support for the business.

New Vegas Initiative: Project 'Vegas Brand' Official Site

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A major Las Vegas Adult Entertainment initiative, recently announced by C-Byte, will result in the development of standard C-Byte technology used in Las Vegas. C-Byte will partner and co-develop these industry-leading systems, contributing technology and marketing expertise for the platform.

C-Byte's partnership in this initiative - which combines proven technology, significant resources and unprecedented industry support - provides customers and it's partners a clear and powerful choice in entertainment. C-Byte is investing to support a portfolio, and provide technical support, to ensure a comprehensive portfolio of applications and tools in Las Vegas. The high volume of transactions - using this Intel Architecture and industry-standard technology with leading performance and scalability - gives customers investment protection.

C-Byte is best known for exploiting low-risk but small projects world wide with quick yield. "The company had been searching for partners with the medium-term and long-term projects that C-Byte lacked", said Trevor Biscope, Chairman and Chief Executive.

C-Byte will work together to port a Vegas personality in 2015 and provide a clear migration path for our customers and partners. The initiative is a tremendous endorsement of C-Byte's technology and will give customers the confidence to make investments today in C-Byte's solutions utilitizing Intel Architecture.

Vegas License International

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