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The rules of business have changed. C-Byte specializes in what we do best, and we rely on our suppliers for what they do best. This makes our suppliers critically important to our business. When you consider C-Byte's expertise in technology and solutions, along with our partners' technical and product knowledge, together we make up a virtual company that offers the best solutions possible. This value proposition ultimately gives the customer a combination of everyone's best efforts.

To take this concept a step further, if a supplier sells something to us, and we add our value to it and sell it to the customer, we are in fact a distributor of the supplier's products. In this model we rely on each other to be competitive. This makes us true partners with our suppliers in a virtual company.

As part of this virtual company how can a supplier help us sell more, and remain competitive? They need to sharpen their pencils, and sharpen their business processes. It's also critical that together we stay on the leading edge of technology… bringing us their ideas for new technology. We push them – they push us. Most importantly, there is no substitute for quality. We must all have the best quality in the marketplace today.

To summarize, there are three things our suppliers can contribute to make this virtual company a great success.

* Give us the best pricing
* Challenge us in technology innovation
* Have the best quality on the market

We are competing on a daily basis with the biggest and the best and we're winning. We expect our supplier's support, we need their support, and they will get support from us. C-Byte remains loyal to supplier partners who keep up with technology and quality.


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