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Partnering with the Best

Choice of partners is critical to C-Byte's success. C-Byte Worldwide Strategic Sourcing partners with strong cross-functional teams to select the best suppliers in the industry. These teams also help assure that we continue to progress together toward our goal of mutual industry leadership and financial success.

The attributes of a successful C-Byte/supplier relationship are: trust and open communication – which is critical to ensure that our plans and goals are aligned. Suppliers and C-Byte will actively communicate business plans and goals with confidence that each is committed to combined competitive advantage.

Worldwide Strategic Sourcing supports the concept of partnership and is committed to recognizing customer/supplier relationships as an integral part of day-to-day operations and our overall business process. In addition, partnerships support mutual strategic goals and promote mutual success and profitability. This means a commitment to excellence through innovations in technology, quality, business processes and total cost of ownership.

We believe that our practices in Worldwide Strategic Sourcing will place suppliers that partner with us at the leading edge of their segment of the industry.

C-Byte wants to partner with suppliers who will sustain technology leadership:
* Investment in a roadmap that will ensure technology leadership
* Effective product development life cycle methodology (including defined and documented release criteria)
* Proven project management practices
* Share technology roadmaps on a regular basis
* Participate in joint development/design
* Allow C-Byte to influence product design roadmaps

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C-Byte is committed to exceed quality and reliability expectations of our mutual customers. Essential to meeting this commitment are exceptional quality and reliability levels from all C-Byte suppliers. C-Byte expects:
* Proactive notification of problems and of engineering changes (Material, Process, & Fit/Form/Function)
* Root cause failure analysis to the component level
* Closed loop corrective action
* Agreed to quality and reliability goals
* Product design qualification (Highly Accelerated Life Test)
* Production process qualification (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen)
* Provide key quality and reliability metrics on a regular basis
* Provide custom quality data reports (as required)
* Single point of contact for resolution of technical issues

C-Byte achieves industry leadership through its ability to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Ensure continuous product availability to meet all customer demand:
* On-time delivery to customer request date
* Flexible processes to meet custom requirements
* Proven drop-ship processes (able to adapt to customer specific needs)
* Changes to meet quarterly demand within C-Byte's existing quarter
* Mitigate supply risk including recovery for yield crashes (e.g. safety stock programs, etc.)
* 7 X 24 support the last week of C-Byte's quarter (ending Saturday at midnight)
* Minimum last time buy notifications
* Shipment, order and RMA status on-line

C-Byte delivers cost/performance leadership to our customers by aggressively managing costs with the intent of improving competitiveness. C-Byte expects:
* Better than industry pricing
* Jointly develop cost models and share appropriate cost driver information early in design and through entire product life cycle
* Share industry pricing and trends on commodity/market driven components
* Commit to guaranteed quality (i.e. quality cost sharing)
* Quarterly cost reviews
* Agree to continuous process improvements to reduce cost
* Competitive FRU/spares pricing

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C-Byte's suppliers will provide market leading customer service programs:
* Repaired product is rewarranted for original warranty term
* Repair includes qualification to original specification
* Replacement product available within 24 hours (on an exchange basis)
* 10-day maximum repair through-put if advanced exchange not possible
* Supplier responsible for reliability to specification
* Maximum EOL support repair support guaranteed (or transfer product repair technology to 3rd party)
* Non-exclusive repair privileges
* Warranty buy out option
* Return authorization available on-line (e.g. web-site)
* Support outsourcing of repair to third party
* Documented repair processes exist, and repair capacity available

Partnership Management
* Suppliers measure and review their own performance
* Performance reviews of jointly established goals
* Dedicated customer support contact (Account Manager)
* Executive involvement/escalation (designated executive sponsor)
* Timely response to inquiries

Operations Management
Implement "best practices" to ensure flexible and effective supply line:
* Assume full supply chain ownership
* Establish “continuity of supply” programs for critical parts (safety stock, right-to-manufacture, etc.)
* Effectively engage with C-Byte sub-contractors
* Cooperate with C-Byte to minimize excess/obsolete material

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