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Customer & Supplier Expectations

Customer Expectations
As members of C-Byte's supply chain, it is essential that suppliers understand our customers' expectations. C-Byte typically manages very complex, mission critical projects for our customers. In turn, customers entrust the most vital parts of their business to us.

We rely on suppliers to provide many of the key elements of these complex solutions, including hardware, software, and services. Our customers expect C-Byte to take full responsibility for the success of these projects. We must anticipate and prevent problems. We must correct problems promptly, then understand and correct the root cause. These expectations translate directly to our suppliers.

As our message on Partnerships indicates, we are a distributor of our supplier's product, and we are all partners in a large virtual company. To satisfy our mutual customers we need suppliers to respond quickly to any call for problem resolution, and to continue to look for ideas and opportunities to improve their products and services. C-Byte suppliers are part of a complex chain of events that occurs to make our mutual customers successful.

Supplier Expectations
* New and existing suppliers will be selected and managed against best-in-class performance measures that meet or exceed C-Byte's customer requirements for quality and service
* Suppliers will be awarded business who demonstrate excellence in quality leadership, e.g.
* Have quality processes that meet high availability customer requirements
* Document proven capability in required process technology
* Commit to guaranteed quality
* Suppliers are expected to provide C-Byte with products and services at the lowest total cost
* Share cost breakdown information
* Reduce costs based on competitive data and pressures
* Proactively participate in cost reduction efforts
* Partner with C-Byte to Support our Virtual Factory Strategy:
* Drive Failure Analysis and Corrective Action with Sub-tier Suppliers
* Manage and Leverage All Levels of Sourcing
* Commit to Maximum Flexibility Inside Lead-time to Meet C-Byte Customer Delivery Requirements
* Partner with C-Byte to effectively manage inventories:
* Maximize inventory turns
* Minimize obsolete inventory exposure
* Team with C-Byte to jointly establish partner goals
* Continuously monitor performance against goals, and demonstrate ongoing plans for improvement
* As C-Byte's customers require increased levels of product and service performance, suppliers can expect (and should anticipate) higher performance expectations

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