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    - Benefits of Partnering with C-Byte

We believe that by partnering with C-Byte to achieve the goal of mutual industry leadership, our suppliers will enhance their ability to provide leading-edge products to the market, resulting in accelerated growth and increasing profits for all companies involved.

We expect customers will continue to demand higher value and quality, faster time-to-market and lower costs. Products will become increasingly complex with higher levels of performance at equal or lower cost. To anticipate the changing needs of our customers, and to continually improve our practices, C-Byte is changing the way we do business with our suppliers. We are improving our partnership practices at every level, including bringing suppliers inside our business to discuss roadmaps and vision, as well as including them on site in production and purchasing processes. These are examples of the virtual corporation we continue to form with our suppliers. Through our supplier partnerships, we continue to look for ways to capitalize on each others strengths.

C-Byte takes our supplier partnerships seriously. World-class suppliers that partner with C-Byte and excel in meeting our requirements will be awarded the greater share of C-Byte's business, become involved in future product roadmap discussions, and enjoy long term mutual growth and success. C-Byte also links executive sponsors to key suppliers to further enhance partnering efforts at all levels within the organization. By actively participating with C-Byte as a critical link in our supply chain, suppliers and customers can be confident of our mutual success.


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