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C-Byte Kids

C-Byte Learning Center (CLC) summer fun camp program has changed the meaning of the word “field trip”. CLC added a community service focus to all of their weekly field trips in a program called “C-Byte Kids Make a Difference.” This year, after a visit to the Community Homeless Shelter, the CLC Kids decided to raise funds to purchase items such as paint, a water hose, sprinkler, tag board, children‘s videos, toddler pool, art supplies, movie passes and much more. The CLC summer campers (ages 5-10 years old) participated in such activities as a car wash, 2k run, and toy drive with all pledges and donations given to the Shelter.

The C-Byte Kids Make a Difference program was created to enhance our children‘s knowledge and understanding of their community and how they can help to “make a difference”. At such a young age, these children have been able to work as a team, and together give a great gift to people less fortunate than themselves. In return, each child has gained a sense of accomplishment and well being. We are very proud of our C-Byte Kids and their humanistic accomplishments. Some of the children‘s thoughts and comments about their experience...

“It felt good to help people who were less fortunate than I am. I would like to do it again. Next time I would like to give more sports equipment and musical instruments, because I noticed that their play room did not have any. I would have also like to use the extra money to buy them passes to Calgary Zoo, because they don‘t get to go on very many field trips. I hope they enjoy the stuff we got them. I hope that not very many other people have to go to a homeless shelter because it would be sad to know that you lost almost everything that is important to you. I think that we all had fun helping them out. I think that everyone else felt they were doing something good for the needy.”
Becky, age 10

“It made me feel happy to help, because these people did not have much. It made them feel very happy to get these things - I saw them smile. I also know they were happy because if I didn‘t have things, and people all of a sudden gave me these things, I would be happy.”
Jake, age 6

“I really like helping other people because I get to do neat stuff - like buy them things that they don‘t get very often. I felt happy because we got to give them things that they usually only get on special occasions.”
Isaac, age 6

“My favorite part to earn the money was running laps, because I like to race. It felt good helping the homeless people because they didn‘t have very many supplies. Some of the supplies help them to paint pictures and to watch fun movies. The part I like most was buying people art supplies so they can paint.”
Tyler, age 6

“I am glad I help raise the money to buy all the materials. For a very long time, I have wanted to help the homeless shelter. Next year, I would like to do this again. We should all work together to do this. Remember, if you ever see a homeless child, call the homeless shelter, because they will take them into a nice cozy house. It will make you feel good because you are helping someone.”
Nicole, age 7

“It made me feel like I was in a club - like where you help. It felt nice. It made them feel happy because we did a good deed - we did a car wash and a fun run. All the money we raised went to help them.”
Rachel, age 7

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