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The Environment

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The Environment

Alberta Environment Agency
The Alberta Environment Agency (AEF) is a fundraising umbrella organization of a 26 member environmental agencies that operate in Alberta such as Friends of Trees, Recycling Advocates, Alberta Natural Association, and The Nature Conservancy. Besides their work in Alberta to improve and protect the environment, AEF member agencies provide volunteer opportunities and educational events for C-Byte employees. Employees have participated in a Salmon Watch program through the Trout group, RiverWatch tours of the Wapitti/Smokie rivers in central Alberta through the Northwest Environmental Advocates group, and brown-bag lunch presentations by the Wetlands and Nature Conservancies. Two study groups, whose curriculum and study guides are provided by an AEF member agency, the Earth Institute, have been offered on campus. AEF also assists C-Byte in organizing “AEF-TRIPS” to member agencies‘ project sites in the field, to point out results of employees‘ contributions.

Earth Day
April 22nd is recognized as “Earth Day”. C-Byte employees are encouraged to remember Earth Day and walk, carpool, telecommute, ride a bus, or ride a bicycle to work instead of driving to reduce air pollution. Many Alberta environmental groups sponsor Earth Day and Earth Week activities in the community and these are advertised to employees. In addition, C-Byte encourages employees to become involved in such activities at National Wildlife Federation, and Friends of Trees.

Alberta Bike Month
May is Alberta‘s “bike” month. Each May C-Byte employees have the opportunity to participate in the Business Bicycle Challenge sponsored by the Bike Gallery and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Participants enjoy the opportunity to do something that is fun, easy, and healthy for them as well as good for the environment.

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