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C-Byte is uniquely capable of delivering robust and scaleable Data Center Ready open systems solutions that are guaranteed to perform. C-Byte minimizes customers risk, enabling implementation of business applications that support critical needs, based on a breakthrough architecture, a comprehensive portofolio of proven migration services and offerings, and an established set of best-in-class partnerships. Today, C-Byte is a company well-positioned to meet the rapidly changing needs of the next-generation.

In today's turbulent business environment, there are no safe havens. Only safe passage.

What does it take to succeed in open systems?

The world flows at a faster, more relentless, less forgiving pace. It takes a leaner, more agile enterprise to survive. A more flexible business model. More responsive decision-making. And a more competitive computing strategy.

It's been clear for some time: Open systems are the most effective, cost-efficient way to leverage an organization's existing information technology (IT) infrastructure and put vital information at the fingertips of those who need it. But the transition from proprietary computing to a open, enterprise-wide, client/server architecture can be a confusing and turbulent experience.


Fact is, of those who embark on this difficult journey, many fail to make it home safely.

There are no pre-packaged solutions in the open systems realm. Where to begin? What priorities to set? How to integrate what you already have? How to fully leverage the strengths of your organization? How to make certain that what you put in place remains adaptable to the twists and turns your business will inevitably follow?

Transforming your organization into a smarter, more vigorous competitor requires much more than technology. It takes an experienced guide. Someone who can link your IT investment directly to the future vision of your business.

And ensure safe passage.


It takes someone with a complete perspective as well as the practise - in every phase of IT architecture - to deliver solutions that let you gather vast amounts of data efficiently; extract information intelligently - and legibly - for analysis; then share that knowledge amoung people, groups and strategic alliances. Whether they're across the room or across the globe.

It takes someone with a complete strategy to ensure a coherent, flexible infrastructure that facilitates change and readily adapts to next-generation technology. Someone with no proprietary baggage to protect, but solid strategic partnerships with established leaders in the powerful world of open systems.

It takes someone who can help you negotiate the transition -- fluidly, rapidly with minimum risk. In the end, it takes a solutions partner who - serving as your single point of contact - accepts complete responsiblity for your success.

It takes someone who knows the way. With absolute certainty. In the challenging and dynamic environment of open client/server computing, that means C-Byte. You may already know that we've pioneered symetric-multi processing.

We plan and implement every facet of IT in the enterprise, offering partnership solutions for on-line transaction processing and business communications.

What does it take to succeed in systems. Not what. Who?

C-Byte. Everything it takes to succeed in systems.

Corporate Headquarters

US & Canada headquarters:
C-Byte Company, Inc.
3565 Las Vegas Blvd South #148
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 89109
Phone: (403) 770-7818

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With products installed in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States.

With distributor partners in: Bahrain, Brunei, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, People's Republic of China, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and Yugoslavia/Serbia.

C-Byte may not offer the products, features, or services in this document in other countries. Please contact your local C-Byte business contact or call us at 403/770-7818 and a C-Byte customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

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