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Project: Correspondence Featured Project!
ID: 1522219944
Project Details
Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 3/28/2018 0:52
Bidding Ends: 6/26/2018 0:52 (expired)
Project Creator: vegasmanagement Special User
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Correspondence - Corporate - Management - Vegas™
Please note this solicitation is for services by interested parties that would provide content consistent with the Statement of Goods/Services below.

The current content is provided online at includes correspondence consistent with Management team and cites relevant references.

Statement of Goods/Services


Expression of Interest
Interested readers are invited to participate via the Project Message Board before the closing date.

Our Expertise
For more than two decades, C-Byte has been on the leading edge of business critical computing, building information technology solutions that meet the toughest requirements of the world's most powerful and complex organizations. We incorporate that experience into the Vegas Brand by leveraging the expertise and best practices of our people.

Las Vegas Resorts, Las Vegas Hotels, Las Vegas Casinos & More.
A major Las Vegas Adult Entertainment initiative, recently announced by C-Byte, will result in the development of standard C-Byte technology used in Las Vegas, Nevada. C-Byte will partner and co-develop these industry-leading systems, contributing technology and marketing expertise for the platform.

C-Byte's partnership in this initiative - which combines proven technology, significant resources and unprecedented industry support - provides customers and it's partners a clear and powerful choice in entertainment. C-Byte is investing to support a portfolio, and provide technical support, to ensure a comprehensive portfolio of applications and tools in Las Vegas. The high volume of transactions - using this Intel Architecture and industry-standard technology with leading performance and scalability - gives customers investment protection.

C-Byte is best known for exploiting low-risk but small projects world wide with quick yield. "The company had been searching for partners with the medium-term and long-term projects that C-Byte lacked", said Trevor Biscope, Chairman and Chief Executive.

C-Byte will work together to port a Vegas personality in 2015 and provide a clear migration path for our customers and partners. The initiative is a tremendous endorsement of C-Byte's technology and will give customers the confidence to make investments today in C-Byte's solutions utilizing Intel Architecture.
Job Type:
  • Writing
  • Marketing
Database System: (Please Suggest One)
Operating System: (I don't know)
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