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  • TIP: Read our project guidelines. They contain important suggestions to help you have a great experience at C-Byte.
  • Note that this page is for submitting a project. If you want to post a help wanted ad to find a long-term employee/partner, please click here to post a job listing.

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NOTE: Your project MUST be Featured if it requires bids in the form of hourly/monthly wages, per-item pricing, commissions, trades, etc.

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You may limit your project to certain Programmers only. This option is free if your project is Featured or Urgent, or if you are a Certified Member.
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  • You may modify this invite list anytime.
  • Your project's title WILL be visible to the public.
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Hide your project bids from the public. This assures professional and honest bids. Only you will be able to view bids placed on your project.
This option is free if your project is Featured, Private or Urgent, or if you are a Certified Member.

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