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Product Details

Company Name RightNow Technologies, Inc. Company RightNow Technologies, Inc.
Product Name RightNowWeb Version
Application Type Accounting Trademarked? Y
SubApplication Type Enhanced Services Registered? Y

Product Highlights

Provides incident/ticket tracking
Provides reports such as average length of time to resolution of customer problem, etc.
Integrated with a live chat system
Live Demo

Product Overview

RightNowWeb from RightNow Technologies features a knowledge base that grows automatically with every written response to a customer problem. The knowledge base is meant to be published directly to the web, so that customers have a much better chance of resolving their problem before calling the support desk. The knowledge base is integrated with a ticket system, so that new ticket info is fed back into the knowledge base. Integrated with a live chat system, thus cutting down on the number of actual phone calls. RightNowWeb is a very sophisticated, high-end CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, with advanced reporting, tracking and management features.

Product Offerings

Databases Oracle , Oracle .
Languages English, English.
Geographies World Wide
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows NT, Linux (Intel), Sun Solaris.
Markets Banking/Credit Unions, Finance, Telecommunications, Banking/Credit Unions, Finance, Telecommunications.

Product Modules

Smart Assistant
Improved Solution Ranking
E-mail Management
Live Chat