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Product Details

Company Name Computer Associates International, Inc. Company Computer Associates International, Inc.
Product Name Unicenter TNG Directory Management Option Version
Application Type System Management/Administration Trademarked? Y
Registered? Y

Product Highlights

Reduce the cost of ownership by enabling the systems administrator to make changes only once, then automatically distribute and apply these changes to all the appropriate directories across the enterprise.
Improve productivity by providing a single point of style of administration for all the directories across the enterprise.
Improve IT Responsiveness.
Increase Security.
Auditing and reporting
Adminstrators use predefined reports to review the security settings of the objects being administered.

Product Overview

The Unicenter TNG Directory Management Option provides easy and cost-efficient central administration of directory objects across a network of multiple directory types and environments. This option enables the creation, modification, or removal of directory objects such as user accounts across multiple Windows NT Domains, Workgroups, UNIX NIS, and Novell NetWare NDS instances.

Product Offerings

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