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Product Details

Company Name Softlabs Pte Ltd. Company Softlabs Pte Ltd.
Product Name CallMaster Version
Application Type Accounting Trademarked? N
SubApplication Type Enhanced Services Registered? N

Product Highlights

CTI interface with PABX
Link with host computers to allow automatic customer data retrieval
Empowered out-dialing capablity--becoming an outbound telemarketing center
Agent and supervisory performance indicator allow for effective management monitoring and control

Product Overview

Softlabs markets CallMaster as their call center solution offering. CallMaster is built on the open Microsoft Windows NT server 4.0 operating system. It supports the Microsoft Telephony Applications Programming Interface (TAPI 2.0), which allows the application (CallMaster) to control the telephony (PABX) functions. CallMaster runs on Linux and serves as a bridge connecting the PABX, IVR, host computer and the telephone agents.

Product Offerings

Databases Database Independent , Database Independent .
Languages English, English.
Geographies Asia/Pacific
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows NT
Markets Banking/Credit Unions, Finance, Telecommunications, Banking/Credit Unions, Finance, Telecommunications.

Product Modules

Agent Screen Pop
Visual Alerts
Agent Consultation Transfer/Screen Transfer
Agent Real Time Performance Indicator
Agent Empowered Out Dialing
Online Call Center Activity Snapshot
Consultation Indicator
Consultation Screen Transfer
Online Monitor and Capacity Planning