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Company Details

Company NameOracle Financial Services Division (Formerly TSC) View
Address604 Arizona Avenue for - Oracle Financial Services Division (Formerly TSC)
 Santa Monica, CA 90401  
Phone/Fax/800 310-458-2604 / 310-451-2947 / 800-645-8737  
C-Byte Contact Solutions Directory  
Phone(403) 770-7818  

Company Overview

Oracle offers an integrated, enterprise software solution designed specifically for the financial services industry. The Oracle Financial Services Applications, formerly known as the Treasury Services Evaluation & Reporting system (TSER), puts into place the foundation for an institution's financial reporting structure: a comprehensive, decision support system for Profitablity Measurement, Risk Management, and Customer Relationship Management, all within an Enterprise Technology Framework. With more than several hundred professionals, many of whom are prominent thought leaders throughout the financial services industry, Oracle provides an unprecedented blend of software and services which has been internationally recognized for excellence.

Company Contacts

Primary Contact Robert Miller
Phone 412-269-3517 

Marketing Contact Sandra Paulino
Phone/Fax 310-458-2604/310-451-2947 

Technical Contact Greg Jones
Phone/Fax 310-458-2604/310-451-2947