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Company Details

Company NameForte Software, Inc. View
Address1800 Harrison Street for - Forte Software, Inc.
 Oakland, CA 94612  
Phone/Fax 510-869-3400 / 510-869-3480  
C-Byte Contact Solutions Directory  
Phone(403) 770-7818  

Company Overview

The Forte Application Environment includes tools and infrastructure that enables developers to easily build new application components, integrate external application components and automate entire multi-step business processes. Forte also includes a component deployment environment with a powerful set of pre-integrated services for enterprise levels of scalablity, reliablity, and manageablity. The completeness of the Forte environment delivers: Superior development productivity with an extensive set of development tools and pre-integrated network services for faster deployment and increased probability of success. Unparalleled integration with standard middleware, ORB, DCOM/Active X, Java/IIOP, and transaction monitor interfaces. In addition, Forte provides a component sequencing system to manage the automation of company-unique business processes. Industry-leading scalablity, reliablity and robustness through a deployment environment that is the foundation of applications that scale, even as the number of users grows from dozens to thousands. Built-in managability of components, subsystems and enterprise-scale applications with single-system view, no matter how many processors are participating in the application."

Company Contacts

Primary Contact Ed Horst
Phone/Fax 510-869-3456/510-869-2092 

Marketing Contact Dave Taber
Phone/Fax 510-869-2007/510-869-2092 

Technical Contact June White
Phone/Fax 510-869-3443/510-869-2092 

UK/Europe Contact Mike Hedger
Phone/Fax 44-1344-4821-00/44-1344-4209-05 

Asia Pacific George Billman
Phone/Fax 510-869-2067/510-869-3480