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Company Name
Acucorp, Inc.
AcuStaf Development Corporation
Aegis Software Inc.
Albany Software
Angoss Software International Ltd.
Apache Software Foundation
Aris Software, Inc.
Atlas Telecommunications
BehavHeuristics, Inc.
Benedict Group, Inc.
Blast, Inc.
BMC Software
Boston Business Computing, Ltd.
Bradly Associates Ltd.
BrainTree Security Software
Business Objects Americas, Inc.
Cambridge Online Systems Ltd.
Carleton Corporation
CGI Group Inc
Cognos Incorporated
CyberSafe Limited
Cyborg Systems, Inc. (Hewitt Associates)
DataFocus, Inc. (MKS Inc.)
Datatel, Inc.
DST International
Dynamid Communications, Inc.
Epicor Software (formly Platinum Software Corporation)
Excalibur Technologies Corporation
FairCom Corporation
FileNet Corporation (an IBM Company)
First American CMSI (Credit Management Solutions, Inc.)
Forte Internet Software, Inc.
GM Computer Systems Limited
Gradient Technology Inc.
Harte Hanks Data Technologies
Humanic Design Corporation
Hummingbird Ltd. (a division of Open Text)
i Levy & Associates, Inc.
iB Solutions (formerly McKeown Software)
IBES Corporation
Infor Global Solutions
Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy Pte Ltd (IDSC)
Interface Systems, Inc.
InterPlan Systems Inc.
Intrepid Control Systems, Inc
Lawson Software, Inc.
McAfee Associates, Inc.
Metasystems, Inc.
Metrix, Inc.
Micro Focus (IP) Limited
MicroEdge, Inc.
Mincom Pty Ltd.
MIT - Management Intelligenter Technologien GmbH
MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.
On-Line Computing, Inc.
Open Systems Management, Inc.
Open Text Corporation
Oracle Financial Services Division (Formerly TSC)
P-STAT, Inc.
PanCredit Systems Ltd.
Panorama Software Corporation, Ltd.
Parasoft Corporation
PeopleSoft, Inc.
Pilot Software, Inc.
Platinum Technology Inc. ( Computer Associates International )
PolySystems, Inc.
ProfitKey International, Inc.
Quantum Compliance Systems, Inc.
Quibus Enterprises, Inc.
Recital Corporation
Red Brick Systems, Inc. (an IBM Company)
Rel-Tek Corporation
Relevant Business Systems, Inc.
Rogue Wave Software
SABRE Decision Technologies
SSA Global
Sun Microsystems
Verticent (formerly PowerCerv)