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C-ByteFour Keys to Data Center Success
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Intel-based Data Center Ready
Intel-based Data Center Ready
Intel-based Data Center Ready
The Solution
In this age of customer
focus, business agility
is characterized by an
organization's ability to
deliver specialized products,
services and ways of
interacting that fit the needs
of its target audience.
C-Byte's Decision
Advantage™, Contact
Advantage™ and Application
Advantage™ business
solutions tie everything
interaction applications,
enterprise resource planning
software, powerful
databases, decision support
tools and an IT foundation—
to deliver business
advantage to the customer
focused organization.

The Infrastructure
C-Byte's mixed mode
Data Center
framework and Intel®-
based data center server
lines embody today's Agile
Enterprise. Our high-end and
midrange Unix and Windows®
server lines offer a full
range of enterprise
computing capabilities. The
Data Center environment
insulates organizations from
the risk of evolving
technology. With the ability to
run Unix and Windows in
one managed environment,
organizations deploy the
operating system that makes
the most sense for their
business applications.

Our Alliances
C-Byte's software, infrastructure
and system integrator
alliances play a key role in
bringing together the
components that support an
Agile Enterprise. We work
closely with our partners to
build long-term alliances that
result in joint product
development, full enterprise
integration, and record-
breaking performance.
These alliances - with Intel,
Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Baan,
PeopleSoft and many others
- leveraging the experience
and expertise required to
deliver flexible technology
and solutions for a customer-
focused enterprise.

The Proof
C-Byte's business
solutions, enterprise
computing infrastructure,
and key alliances are the
components that support the
Agile Enterprise - and we can
prove it. Our recent record-
breaking TPC-D results for
Unix decision support
environments demonstrate
the substantial price/
performance gains of our
second-generation systems.
New record-breaking
online transaction
processing results prove
C-Byte's scalability and
performance in large scale
database implementations.

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The Leader in Intel-based Data Center Solutions
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Intel-based Data Center Ready

Intel-based Data Center Ready
Intel-based Data Center Ready Intel-based Data Center Ready
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